Review: Blind Music – EP 5

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Whenever something in music is described as ‘fresh’ it should always be viewed with suspicion – too often on closer inspection they turn out to smell like decade-old trainers, once the Febreze has worn off. But record label experiment Blind Music genuinely is something new and exciting, putting out cutting-edge releases totally anonymously. No track names and certainly no artists, there are no distractions from the music, just like God intended it. As they put it, “we live in a world of information overload. 144,800,000,000 emails are sent a day, 4,000,000,000 things are shared on Facebook a day. Blind Music aims to take it back to just that, the music.”

The latest Blind EP, number 5, serves up four cuts of achingly modern drum & bass, at once skittish, brooding and unmistakeably grimy. Basses slide behind urgent kicks on opening track BLIND#14, with percussion bringing the movement and synth stabs anchoring the groove. BLIND#15 rasps itself into life before blooming into a futuristic minimal roller and BLIND#16 wears its influences on its sleeve, balancing the grittiness of grime with taught snares low in the mix and persistent chromatic melodies riding high. BLIND#17 rounds things off by turning innocent samples into foreboding mood-setters on a track straight out of the shadows. //