Mixtape: DJ Teddy King – Privilege Radio May Mix (Rare Nas Mix)

In Hip Hop by El Cynico URM

DJ Teddy King brings out the exclusive Nas tracks (vinyl only!) and shows that even in the 20th anniversary of ‘Illmatic’ that Escobar season is here again! Streaming and download options are below. 

@nas @teddyking @privilege_NYC



Joe Chambers – Mind Rain
Nas – Streets of NY Ft Rakim & Alicia Keys
Nas – Bridging the Gap Marly Marl Remix Instrumental (Show intro)
Nas – Life is Like a Dice Game
Nas – Represent Original Demo Version 
Nas – Understanding 
Nas – One on One
Nas – I’m a Villain
Nas – Another Day in the Projects
Nas – Everything is Real 
Nas – Disciple Instrumental – TES UNO Freestyle 
Nas – Stay Scheming 
Nas – One plus One Ft Large Professor 
Nas – The Commissioner Freestyle 
Nas – Serious Ft AZ
Nas – Talk of NY
Nas – Secret Agent Man
Nas – Death Anniversary 
Nas – The Second Coming 
Nas – How Ya Livin’ Ft AZ
Nas – Memory Lane Instrumental ( Outro )