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Hip hop music, also called hip-hop or rap music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing. Other elements include sampling (or synthesis), and beatboxing.

Review: Confucius MC & Mr Brown - The Artform [+ Stream EP and videos]


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In the modern era of hip hop we are in today, some people are becoming increasingly sceptical about the direction the genre is taking. Many state that hip hop is losing what itis fundamentally all about and what really epitomises what people fell in love with back in the golden era from the late 70s to early 90's. The whole culture of hip hop and a respect and passion for lyricism and songwriting.... And this is what Confucius MC and Mr Brown's project encapsulates so perfectly - starting with the title and the main theme of the EP, "The Artform", referring to hip hop itself being a form of art.

Confucius MC brings a Wu Tang feel to the album with his delivery and presence complimented by Mr Brown's attention to detail in his production, openingthe entire EP by sampling an extract from the movie "Lust For Life" in the track "Artiste", an inspirational quote from famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, an influential figure to the message of this project.

This sort of detail and immersion makes one wonder how two such talented artists have not managed to get a proper break in the music industry yet, and with this new project, this should finally be the break they deserve. This is a highly recommended project to check this out, especially as someone who misses the rawness and authenticity of the old school hip hop sound. Check out the stream of the project here - 

Check out the project below! / @confuciusmc /

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Review: CLBRKS - Peugeot Music Vol 1


CLBRKS (pronounced CL Brooks) is a young artist from South East London who dropped a new project on June 16 entitled "Peugeot Music Vol 1". He portrays and evolvesthe 'Danny Brown' type sound with his own unique twist and delivery, along with an array of confounding lyricism in tracks such as 'Dorica' and 'So Speshul', explainingstories of his life engulfed by drugs and depression.

The production quality is particularly enjoyable as it brings you back to the old school boom-bap days while also being complimented by some of the modern day lo-fi hip hop sounds. Mixed and mastered together, these sounds mesh perfectly and is a really great project to bump in your car, or Peugeot, late at night - hence the fitting title, "Peugeot Music Vol 1".

Check the project and his social medias: // //

Stream the project here -  

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Video: Young Yizzy - Parental Guidance ft. Specialist Moss


New one from the fast emerging London grime/rap star who recently perormed at Glastonbury Festival. He's linked up with Jamaican vocalist Specialist Moss, who appeared on his last track 'Signs', to address a range of particularly personal issues.


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Major Hip Hop releases and events scheduled for 3 - 9 July ‘17

This page will give you an overview of the main Hip Hop releases and events scheduled in the UK for this week. The info has been put together by HipHopListings who provide heads across the UK with updates on new events and releases.

Let us or HipHopListings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to this overview (or any future ones coming up).

Releases scheduled for 3 - 9 July ‘17



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Review: Madison Washington - Code Switchin'

Madison Wahington's Code Switchin' EP is one of those little recordings that's too bizarre to pigeonhole. However, there's a lot of hip hop like this, in so much as you could pigeonhole it into the "un-pigeon-holeable", if you will, which doesn't always equate to anything hard to stomach, but a piece that seems to slightly lack the sum of its parts. That's not to say that the Code... isn't without its merits. In it I hear a recording that wears its heart on its sleeve and paints a landscape where a flag of influence never flies half mast. Brought to the ill culinary behaviour, there's definitive shades of A Tribe Called Quest (Travellers Cloak), K.Dot and vocal tinges of a young Busta Rhymes, but also the socio-political drive and rhetoric of early Gil Scott Heron and the always over-looked Anti-Pop Consortium (Lotus In The Slums). But for how great the production is on one track, it can be overshadowed elsewhere. I'd love to hear a completely re-written bass across the board, for one. Madison Washington was an American slave and cook who incited a revolt. But on this project, Madison Washington is @thatmanmonkz, a DJ/producer from Sheffield, and @MalikAmeer0 , a rapper/poet from Oakland, California now living in Paris.  In the spirit of the rebel-eyed cook (and to enormously misquote Simon and Garfunkel), here's what MadWash can already take along, should their spiritual travels take them via Scarborough Fair: "Bars-beats, Rage, Flows-many..." Just add "...Time", and the roots will grow strong.  
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Event: Tenor Fly memorial dance - July 7 @ Brixton Electric w/ Congo Natty, Klashnekoff, Killa P, Rodney P & more!


Head down to Brixton Electric for this creme de la creme of UK soundsystem culture and hip hop, in aid of the late UK legend Tenor Fly...

Expect live performances from Congo Natty, Nãnci and Phoebe, Tippa Irie, Top Cat, Daddy Freddy, General Levy, Sweetie Irie, Lady Chann, Ragga Twins, Rodney P, Klashnekoff, Killa P, Demolition Man, YT, Brother Culture, Gappy Crucial, Coxsone Sound System, Aba-Shanti-I, Jungle Revolution Band & more at ELECTRIC BRIXTON. All proceeds go to Tenor Fly's family. 

More info via Facebook here. 

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Video: Maui Max - Pull Up

Maui Max is a name you need to be familiar with after the release of his new banger, "Pull Up", along with a visually appealing and authentic music video. The Atlanta native proceeds with such integrity and rawness in his delivery and transmits such a unique vibe which really compliments the production. Not to mention the high standard of lyricism. In this track, he explains the trials and tribulations of 2016 and welcomes them with open arms; hence telling them to "Pull Up".  Following recently being highlighted as the one of the upcoming artists next to blow up during A3C 2016, I really recommend giving this joint a listen and I will certainly be following this artist in the future as he prepares for his new EP "Reign/Rain". Also produced by Kato and 808 Blake, you know you aren't going to be disappointed. 
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Video: Jimmy Iovine on working with Dre, love for Rolling Stones and more! Plus trailer for 'The Defiant Ones'


Dope new interview with the iconic music mogul who runs Interscope records, and famous for signing Dr Dre amongst many others!

With his new HBO series 'The Defiant Ones' out now this is a must-see interview! Check below for the trailer of the series that this is about!


HHV Exclusive: Jimmy Iovine talks creating... by hiphopvibe

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Event: London Posse, Roots Manuva, Klashnekoff, Ty, Task Force and more @


'Of the People, For the People' brings a legendary line up, in aid of those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It's at Brixton Jamm on July 13th. 

Room 1London PosseRootz ManuvaBlak TwangKlashnekoffTyTask Force (Chester P & Farma G)Logic, Mighty Moe & The People's ArmyDJ'sDaddy SkitzSarah LoveDJ Devastate (Demon Boyz)DJ SnuffJoe Buhdha

Hosted by Rodney P & Big CakesRoom 2 Hosted by PyroRadio - The Ragga Twins CrewBryan GeeSidewinder RAWMajesty (Audiowhore) ....with more to be announced.July 13th 2017 / 

£15 in Advance - £20 on the doorTimes: 7pm – 1.30amTickets available at

If you can't make the event but still want to help the cause, reach out via the Just Giving page -

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Video: Meek Mill - YBA


Meek has never been one to shy away from the gritty underbelly of street life. Often touching on both the desire and loss that accompany living in the hood, his stories of urban survival are often brutally telling. Given the current discontent with police brutality in the USA, 'YBA' (short for 'Young Black America') is a fitting commentary on the state of the country. 

In 'YBA', we see Meek effectively playing the role of the big brother - attempting to guide a younger, more impressionable adult away from the pitfalls of street life. Juxtaposed against scenes of both police violence and black-on-black crime (the latter brilliantly represented by black men in Klan wear), the video definitely hits its mark.

Let us know what you think and be sure to keep an eye out for Meek's upcoming album 'Wins and Losses.'

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Bone Thugs (Layzie Bone & Wish Bone & Flesh-n-Bone) - Waves


Teaming up as duo Bone Thugs Bone Thugs-N-Harmony members Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone are currently rolling out 15 track album New Waves. In addition to features including Bun B, Stephen Marley and Yelawolf the LP also sees all five members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony coming together for single Waves. As could be expected from a track featuring the full original line up the track gives a fresh take on the group's classic sound with a laid back melodic vibe and sung hooks and bridges punctuated by high speed bars. 

Whilst Waves takes the form of an upbeat celebration of life and the party the rest of New Waves tackles a range of issues across its 15 tracks including an anthem to Cleveland in the Stephen Marley assisted Coming Home or the exploration of drugs on Cocaine Love.

Check out the rest of the album on Spotify or iTunes.

@iamKrayzieBone // @ThisIsBizzyBone

Waves (Audio Only) by Bone Thugs & & & on VEVO.

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Premier: Confucius & Mr Brown launch joint EP with 'The Artform' visual shot in Morocco.

Premier: Confucius & Mr Brown launch joint EP with 'The Artform' visual shot in Morocco.

This is 'The Artform'- the title track from the new EP by Confucius MC & Mr Brown which brings hip hop straight to it's core - Shot during a brief visit to Morocco, the video is journey through the vibrant and art filled streets of the city of Essaouira, once the home of the late Jimi Hendrix. You can check out the whole EP via their bandcamp page here.

@WeStayTrueUK  // @confuciusmc

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Clement Marfo - Let The Music Play

Clement Marfo - Let The Music Play

The South Londoner is back stronger than ever, on this uplifting and thought-provoking track which combines a heavy range of live instruments with some soulful vibes to build a solid bit of production. He challenges a range of social norms which society considers as facts, and following the questioning he leads into the glorious hook which is all about letting the music play. Clement has a very reputable track record, with his music featured on the BBC's coverage of the Olympics, as well as Sky Sports, NFL Super Bowl as well as WWE Royal Rumble!

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Review: Takeoff – Intruder [Prod. OG Parker]

Review: Takeoff – Intruder [Prod. OG Parker]

‘Bad and Boujee’ really brought Migos into the mainstream, everyone and their grandma knows to reply with ‘drop top’ if anyone says, ‘rain drop’ to them. One thing not every fan knows is that each member of the group also releases their own solo music and Takeoff as the youngest member of Migos has really been lacking in this respect.

Quavo has a whole host of solo songs and hits with other artists; as does Offset (who also killed the bad and boujee chorus) but Takeoff didn’t really marginalise on the solo market. However, he’s now released his first ever single called ‘Intruder’ and I’ve got to say he’s done me proud as my favourite member of the group.

He mixes the typical repetitive style that Migos have with some very lyrical content while still sounding street with constant ‘bow’ adlibs. One thing I believe he could’ve done better though is trying to reach a wider audience. ‘Intruder’ is very very gang and street orientated, the same fans who loved Takeoff on ‘What’s the price’ are unlikely to like him on this, but I believe this is the start of a very long and beneficial solo career for Takeoff.

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Video: Shaodow - Morning After Morning feat Abiade

Video: Shaodow - Morning After Morning feat Abiade

New fire from Shaodow, an artist we have supported heavily for the last 8 years. In the latest visual from his album シャウ道 The Way of Shao', he has linked up with fellow South Londoner Abiade to show off his mad flow patterns and lyrical dexterity. Abiade shows why he needs to be on your radar and drops a dope hook and solid feature verse. 

The album features big names like Krizz Kaliko, Papoose, Dot Rotten and more so go check it out here. 

You can watch his interview on our radio show below-

Here's the interview - 

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